Il Quarto Stato (1901). Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo


Hasta Siempre Comandante (2005). Nathalie Cardone, written by Carlos Puebla

Verifying the facts, checking the results, and trying not to forget
— Keeping SCORE
In case, anyone cares to know who's been lying

The publication that asks - "Are you better off, now?"


The TRUTH is the life blood of knowledge - People's Plasma

This publication tests the Veracity of Predictions, Claims, Promises, Motives, Justifications, Excuses and Reasons of Pundits, Politicians and their Opponents.

We will demand apologies and retractions from these promise-breakers, corrupt politicians, misinformation merchants, greedy corporate cronies, and liars.

In the Spirit of "Truth and Reconciliation", if the corrupt corporate capitalists and ruling class despots apologise for Colonialism, Slavery, the 14-hour work-day, the 24/7 work-week, Child Labor, the Working Conditions of Miners, the Opium Wars, the Massacre of the Paris Commune, the Slaughter of the Barcelona Anarchists, the Spanish-American War, the Spanish Civil War, the Genocide of the American Indians, the Boer War, Apartheid, Anti-Union Laws, the First World War, Trench Warfare, Mustard Gas, Aerial Bombardment, the Armenian Genocide, Chemical Warfare, Fascism, the Great Depression, Death Marches, Death Camps, Death Squads, Nazism, Racism, Militarism, Nuclear Warfare, Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Asbestosis, Radiation Sickness, Biological Weapons, the Massacre of Nanking, the Second World War, Belsen, Dresden, Guernica, Hiroshima, the Fire Bombing of Tokyo, the Bombing of London, Rotterdam and Berlin, the Korean War, McCarthyism, Blacklists, Thalidomide, Bhopal, Air Pollution, NeoLiberalism, NeoConservatism, NeoColonialism, the Policy of Regime Change, the Degradation of the Third World, World Poverty, the Arms Race, trade in Human Body Parts, trade in Human Beings, the Electric Chair, Capital Punishment, the Destruction of the Environment, the Throw-Away Lifestyle, Modern Packaging, Nuclear Waste, the Vietnam War, Agent Orange, Dioxin, Spent Uranium, the Tuskegee Experiment, the Anthrax Vaccine, the Trail of Tears, the Native American Genocide, Cocaine Trade, the Heroin Business, the Hudson Bay Company, Organised Crime, the East India Trading Company, the Military Dictatorships in Greece, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, Panama, the CIA, Gulf War One,Gulf War Two, Exxon Valdez, Exxon, offshore drilling, the Hole in the Ozone Layer, Global Warming, Tuberculosis, Cancer, the Exploitation of Labor and the Deaths of over 50 million Communists and Trade Unionists during the 20th Century, I will consider apologizing for the errors of Socialism

Ray Lauzzana



People's Plasma

Vol. 1, No. 1: Bush's State of the Union Address

Vol. 1, No. 2: Ambassador Blackwill's defense of US Invasion


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Penrose Press

'From each according to their ability, to each according to their need' Karl Marx, 1875
Luke, Acts of the Apostles 2:44-47

Some PDFs that we won't Forget

George Bush (State of the Union) 1/28/2003

Media Benjamin et al (Global Exchange) 2/26/2003

Robert Blackwill (US Ambassador to India) 3/5/2003

Michael Novak (US Representative to Vatican) 2/10/2003

UN Resolution (not passed) 5/21/2003

Osama bin Laden (no doubt about it) 11/2/2004

Osama bin Laden (doubtful) 9/6/2007